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All books, articles, lectures and texts have been published in German. The translation of the book titles as well as the short information given below are meant to sum up their essence. For the authentic German wording of the titles (and for details on all other publications), please click on the symbol for "German" above (for "Publikationen").


Political Elite and Reformation * 

The social and economic background of the 65 dominating members of the political institutions and authorities in Zürich and their influence on Huldrych Zwingli's "Reformation" between 1519 and 1528. - (Thesis, Zürich 1970). 

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No Future for Small States? ** 

Eight lectures by renowned politicians, diplomats and academic experts, held 1995/96 at the Zurich Public University. Concept and Preface by WJ. - (Rieden / Baden 1996).

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The European Union

Its Essence, Structure and Dynamics ***. Eight lectures by renowned political, economic and academic experts, held at the Zurich Public University 1996/97. Concept, Preface and additional Contributions by WJ and P. Böhringer. - (Zürich 1997).

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Charisma. A Revolutionary Force in Daily Life and History **. Seven lectures by renowned specialists (on Theology, Psychology, History, Literature, Cinematography and Media) on the phenomenon of "Charisma", held 1998 at the Zurich Public University. Concept, Introduction and Synthesis (in particular with regard to the influence of Charisma in history) by WJ. - (Zürich 1999).

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